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Recover data from damaged PowerPoint .PPT and .PPTX files.
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  • Repair Damaged PowerPoint Files

    Posted on October 26th, 2010 admin No comments

    Now it is possible to recover data from PowerPoint .PPT and .PPTX files that have become damaged without having to spend a lot of time and money.

    If you have ever had a damaged PowerPoint presentation then you know how difficult it can be to recover the data from your presentation.  In most cases you would invest hours trying to figure out a method for recovery but now there is an affordable solution for recovering your data from damaged or corrupt PowerPoint files.

    How eRepair PowerPoint Works

    eRepair PowerPoint (DOWNLOAD) provides a viable solution for recovering data from damaged PowerPoint files.  The interface is easy to use and provides step-by-step instructions that walk you through the recovery process for both .ppt and .pptx files.  eRepair PowerPoint is ideal for novice users and is also a real time saver for intermediate to advanced users. The software requires no special skills or expertise and works via a multi-step wizard that only requires minimal user intervention.

    PowerPoint Recovery Tool Screenshot

    eRepair Power Point recovers data in the following manner:

    • Select the File for Repair: Once you download and install the software you can select the damaged file that you want to repair by entering the file name and path into the search field or by using the “Open File” feature that is included in the program.  You can also select the file from a list of previous files that you opened by clicking on the file you want from a drop down menu.
    • File Analysis: Once you have identified the file that you want to repair you simply click on the “Analyze” button on the lower toolbar and then eRepair PowerPoint will prompt you to confirm the request.  Once you confirm the software will proceed to begin the analysis of the content of your PowerPoint presentation.  The analysis includes the content that makes up the entire structure of the damaged .ppt or .pptx files.
    • File Extraction: Once the software analyzes the PowerPoint file it will extract all of the content and media from your presentation and place it in a temporary file folder.  eRepair PowerPoint then provides an explanation of the recovery process and then presents onscreen information that explains any further steps that must be taken.  You can then view all of the extracted contents from your presentation in the separate temporary folder.
    • Recover the Presentation: It is important to review the contents of the recovery folder especially if you have charts included in your PowerPoint presentation.  Charts are reconstructed in the PowerPoint file as a bitmap image.  If you have Excel installed on your PC eRepair PowerPoint will paste the charts it recovered during the extraction process into Excel.  From there you can copy and paste them into your PowerPoint presentation after you click the “Transmit button to begin recreating it.

    Depending upon the complexity of the PowerPoint file the recovery process may take some time. However you will be able to track the progress of the recovery operations by watching the bar at the bottom of the screen.  When the process is complete eRepair PowerPoint will display a report and then open the finished file in PowerPoint.

    With the explosion of ecommerce and the increased use of the Internet as a primary tool for communication, PowerPoint is more widely used as a popular presentation platform by many different organizations.  As a result, there are many factors that can cause PowerPoint files to become damaged or corrupt some of which include viruses or malware, hardware failures, connection problems online, encoding issues, and other unexpected issues that can damage a PowerPoint presentation file.

    If your Power Point files become damaged shortly before a presentation or you use them online to support a business, recovery can result in a lot of downtime and loss of income not to mention being left out in the cold if you are using PowerPoint for an upcoming presentation.  This is why eRepair PowerPoint makes perfect sense for saving time, money, and frustration and prevents you from exhausting all other options in an effort to recover your data.